Purchaser Satisfaction


Aside from building homes of superior quality and outstanding value, our commitment to our purchaser satisfaction is an important priority.


In 2011, Morra Homes placed as a finalist in the Tarion Awards of Excellence, which recognize new home builders in Ontario solely on their customer service.


Read what our purchasers had to say about their Morra home:

Just did inspection – we are thrilled, everything’s beautiful – thanks for everything – glad we chose a Morra home! ~C. & D., 2017


Our family is just in the beginning stages of working with Morra Bros Contracting Ltd. Our experience so far has been excellent. Laurie has been so helpful and accommodating to us. We can’t wait to get into our new home! ~D. & H., 2017


We would like to thank you very much for all your help with everything. We are getting settled in and we love it! Say thanks to Lou also for getting us in on time with everything up and running, amazing job! ~R. & K., 2016


The house is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined and I know most of that was your professionalism keeping me in the right direction with choices and colours throughout — what a feeling of elation I felt seeing all of that. Same with the hardwood — it’s fantastic colour, finish and feel– the installers did a great job and it’s absolutely beautiful. ~B. H., 2016


Thank you for your excellent service. We are always talking about what a great builder Morra is, how we are happy with our home and most importantly, about how our builder stands behind their work. ~C. K., 2016


Thanks to Morra Homes and the beautiful homes they have made possible for people like myself to live in and love. ~B. H., 2015


It speaks such volume of integrity and care Morra Homes has shown to us and this is not the case with any builder we have ever had dealings with. Having purchased 3 brand new homes in our life and having to be there to help my parents purchase 2 brand new homes in the past for them (this being a 3rd), I have never experienced this kind of humanity and understanding from a builder. Therefore, just so Laurie and John know, we are very, very thankful and grateful for this to you both! ~M. T., 2015


We just wanted to: first, let you know that we are very pleased with how the house turned out. Nice attention to detail, seems to be very well built; second, we specifically wanted you to know that we are very, very pleased with our colours and, for that, you deserve a lot of credit for helping us out and making excellent suggestions. It is a very comfortable house for us and every choice we made is one that seems absolutely perfect once we see it installed. So, thank you for your patience, for your taste and professionalism, and for helping us pull it together. ~B. & M., 2015


I have had the pleasure of owning my Morra home since 1993. Even after 22 years, I still feel so happy and blessed to have been introduced to your company and the wonderful home that has become mine. ~R. S., 2015


It is with the utmost pleasure that we are writing to you. First, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for building our beautiful home. Everything we asked and paid for from purchase to closing has exceeded our expectation. However secondly, the most important reason for writing is your exceptional customer service. Every aftercare service has been incomparable. Your workers have been very considerate and courteous; we say this as people who have purchased a new home before. It is refreshing to find people who will go above and beyond to please their customer. Once again, thank you for making our home buying experience such a delight. ~R. & R., 2013


We can see the pride you have in your company and for a job well done! Thank you especially for your attention to detail. We have enjoyed watching both our house and the one across the street being built, and are just amazed at the timing and coordination of your construction teams. Well done and keep up the fine reputation.  ~G. & L., 2012


We are very pleased with the quality and great workmanship of the home built for us by Morra!  ~B. & K., 2011


It was a pleasure dealing with Tracy. She is very knowledgeable and right to the point. I have checked out all the builders’ homes and I have to say that your homes are very well designed, making the most of even a small space so one does not feel crowded. Also, many of your standard features would be upgrades with other builders. In 3 to 4 years, we will be looking to buy a raised bungalow and it will definitely be one of your homes again. My sister and I are absolutely thrilled and we want to thank you very much for building these beautiful homes.  ~M. & G., 2011


We are as happy now as when we bought the home in 2004. Continued success to Morra Homes.  ~Paul R., 2010


I love our house. All the best to the Morra’s. I can’t say enough great things about all of you .  ~Julie M., 2009


We would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we were with the condition in which it will be delivered. Everything was spotless right down to the basement floor. We have owned many previous new homes over the past 33 years, but have never seen such an organized meticulous crew as the Morra Brothers crew. They even take care as to keep the construction dust down by keeping the road clean and having small bins to remove unwanted materials in each driveway. No buried bricks or other materials under the sod like we have experienced in past. Louie Morra was such a pleasant young gentleman and a pleasure to deal with as well as very knowledgeable about his homes and trade. Laurie Morra was also very pleasant to deal with when I spoke to her as was Don Holzer when choosing our selections and making the decision to buy. Wishing you and the Morra Brothers and their family continued good success in Midland.  ~David and Agnes C., 2007


We are pleased with the overall quality of workmanship and we are enjoying our new home.  ~Doug T., 2006


I would like to let you know how much we enjoy our Morra Home.  My husband and I own the Elmonte model and we just love it.  ~Lucilia C., 2006


We love our Morra home.  Your customer service is outstanding.  We have moved into five new homes, transferring from city to city in Ontario, and the service that your organization has provided is amazing.  It is nice to see that a local home builder, who has been established in Barrie for many years, takes pride in the quality of product that they build and deliver to the customer.  A job well done.   ~Michael R., 2005


Since arriving in Barrie, I have heard nothing but glowing tributes about Morra Homes.  Your immediate response to my request for assistance has proven that we were correct in our original judgment that we were dealing with individuals of high principle, character and integrity.  This response more than anything else has proven that you understand the importance of taking a genuine interest in the welfare of your customers.  I can proclaim without reservation or prejudice that based on our experience with Morra Homes, we have no reservations about recommending you to our friends and associates. Thank you from very satisfied customers.   ~Jack W., 2004


First I want to thank you for your excellent service.  From our first meeting, your agent Don, who was marvelous, never pressured us into buying anything, but was very patient, honest and professional.  We began looking at your plans and talking with Don, and we decided right there that we wanted you to build a home for us.  The workmanship on the house is excellent and everything is exceptionally neat.  I am quite pleased with the level of service that we have received from you. ~Sabrina A., 2002


This letter is being sent to display an appreciation of the quality of our new home and to commend you for the exceptional service.  We purchased our home in part because your “build” standards seemed above those of other builders and we remain convinced this is true, but the professionalism “above and beyond” to perform repairs was impressive.  We felt this positive report was due.   ~Mary and Don R., 2001


We would like to thank the staff at Morra Homes for helping to make the purchase of our first home a memorable experience.  From choosing the lot to selecting the kitchen countertop, the entire process was exciting for both ourselves and for our family.  Morra Homes was quick to resolve any questions that we had and were most accommodating.  It is a pleasure to live in such a thoughtfully designed neighbourhood, in a high quality, efficient and attractive home built by a builder with integrity, a sense of pride and an eye for detail.  We enjoyed the entire process from start to finish and would recommend you any prospective home buyer.  ~Scott and Janet M., 1998